Hope Leigh Becker

Pagan mom wife and writer

Month: March, 2014


Well I’ve been busily editing my first novel, a young adult book about a boy and a dragon and their lives together. I wrote this book for my first Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) in November of 2012. It was really the first thing I ever wrote and I love the story, so I’ve been revising like crazy – I’ll probably come close to rewriting the whole thing. I used the story I’ve written to plot out what I wrote and now I’ll rewrite making changes to the plot where I think it’s necessary. It’s an exciting but scary process. I often just want to throw up my arms and give up, then I remember the response of my friends who’ve read it and I decide that my characters are worth it. So I’ll keep plugging away.

I’m my own worst critic so editing and revising are hard for me. I just get caught up in what doesn’t work and feel like I have to do it all over again – I guess I’m a bit of a perfectionist. My characters just speak so loudly to me and I want to give them their voice – you know?

I’ve taken a bit of a break from editing to write a short fan fiction about a German soap couple I love. I’m giving them the happy ending I think they deserve. The one the show they are on seems to be avoiding. Hopefully it will be well liked by the fans at our next celebration weekend. Fingers crossed – I’ve been working hard on it.

Anyway – that it’s for now. I’ll try to update more often or at least write about my writing projects a couple of times a week.



I have another blog where I write about my spiritual and physical journey, but I wanted a place to share my writing; that’s what I’ll do here. I’ll be doing writing exercises and sharing short stories that sort of thing in this space. My goal is to post a couple of times a week here.